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The Parcel and Postal Technology International awards, now in their 15th year, recognize and reward the latest achievements and developments in the postal sector. The awards cover various areas of the industry:

Service Provider of the Year
Service Provider of the Year recognizes a postal organization that has had a great past year within the sector. Which post has led the way in terms of innovative technologies and services? How has it improved customer service and enhanced its’ offering to better meet the needs of its clients? And how has it strengthened its bottom line in what is considered a challenging postal market? By investing time and money into the future of the organization, the winner of this category is respected by its customers and suppliers alike.

Supplier of the Year
One of the most respected Postal Technology International Awards, Supplier of the Year simply recognizes a company, which has had a big impact on the industry over the past year, whether it’s for investment in new technologies, work with the postal operators or because of impressive growth. The winner of this category will have played a major role in helping to improve the future of the postal industry.

Business Diversification of the Year
This category recognizes postal operators that have ventured into a new area of business to generate additional revenue streams. This covers services other than the core mail and parcel handling services. Suppliers that have supported posts in developing these new diversified services and solutions can also be recognized here. New business innovations can include banking, community outreach, telecoms, government schemes, etc.

Last-Mile Delivery Innovation of the Year
Customers’ expectations have changed and they now want more drop off and delivery options. They want to control when their mail is delivered and where, and they want to be kept informed at all times. They also want to choose delivery services that best suit their changing needs, whether that is same day or next day delivery, or low cost services, which may take longer. Customer service is also extremely important in this part of the industry, as this is where the post and customer come face-to-face. This category covers solutions for last-mile delivery including PUDO, lockers, doorstep delivery and handheld technology as well as returns.

Transport Innovation of the Year
This category recognizes postal organizations or suppliers that have invested in improving their transport operations, whether through investments in electric vehicles and cargo bikes, drone delivery initiatives, improvements in route optimization systems and technology investments, or the development of microhubs.

Environmental Achievement of the Year
This category recognizes a postal organization or supplier that has invested in developing environmentally friendly solutions and initiatives that the whole industry can learn from. This can include investing in greenhouse gas reduction, green infrastructure, eco-conscious CSR programs, and supply chain improvements/initiatives.

Sorting and Fulfillment Technology of the Year
This category looks at how the industry is improving the efficiency and quality of mail and parcel handling through new solutions, such as automation, bulk handling, OCR, and sorting center management as well as robotics and AMRs.

Packaging Innovation of the Year
This category celebrates innovations in packaging solutions and materials. Examples include the latest automated packaging systems, providing the double benefit of using less cardboard for each package and thereby ensuring less space is wasted in transportation; environmentally friendly packaging systems, such as reusable packaging that reduces the dependence on single use applications; and innovations in materials, encompassing the latest sustainably sourced, recyclable or biodegradable mediums.

2023 Parcel and Postal Technology International awards image Award nominations are now closed and the winners will be announced at Parcel+Post Expo 2023 on Day 1, October 24, at 5:00pm, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Full coverage of the awards will be included in the December 2023 issue of Parcel and Postal Technology International magazine.

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