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DAY 2: GRS live demoes its robotic sortation systems

On its robot table at Parcel+Post Expo, Global Robotics Services is live-demoing its modular, scalable sortation systems.

The sortation systems coordinate several mobile robots and are capable of throughput levels in excess of 10,000 units per hour while reducing staffing requirements and pressure on existing employees. On average, the solution’s accuracy rates exceed 99.9%.

The robotics-as-a-service model has been designed to avoid significant capex outlays. It does not require the hiring of in-house specialists, and its modularity enables multidimensional scalability – whether this is due to seasonal spikes in demand or the need to grow alongside your operations.

At its booth, the GRS team is talking visitors through examples of recent installations, highlighting the flexible and scalable approach that the next generation of robot sortation is capable of. The sortation solutions are relevant to a broad range of industries, with the most recent agreement with GXO in Northern Italy already providing efficiency returns and labor savings.

Jens Müller, sales director for Germany, Central and Eastern Europe, GRS, commented, “We are looking forward to meeting the decision makers and professionals from the parcel delivery, postal and e-commerce logistics industries. Many of them are looking for automation solutions that enable the delayering of parcel delivery, and GRS is uniquely positioned to provide this capability. Our sorting solution eliminates repeated sort runs, increases throughput, reduces errors, speeds up delivery time and opens up major cost-saving benefits.

“Parcel delivery is typically organized in four sorting stages: at national, city and district hubs and at the delivery van. Delayering reduces this process to just one step at one facility. With the existing manual picking, an employee might process, let’s say, 10-20 orders at the same time, with around 150 picked items per hour. Through ‘wave picking’ with GRS, the same employee processes 1,200 orders at once and puts all the associated items in one large box, which saves up to 80% of picking time. He then transfers the items to our sorting platform, which automatically distributes them to the orders.”

Visit GRS at Booth 12.234 to find out more, and read more expo news here.

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