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Sorting solutions, robotic induction systems, print and apply labeling systems and more
Alstef Group

Alstef Group, a prominent player in the logistics and material handling industry, offers a range of advanced solutions that cater to various aspects of post, parcel and retail logistics, including sorting solutions. The group's sorting solutions encompass a wide array of technologies, including crossbelt sorters, Bombay sorters, tilt-tray sorters and pop-up sorters. These systems efficiently distribute items to specific areas based on criteria such as size, weight and destination. The sorting solutions can be tailored to meet the specific needs of different industries, ensuring accurate and rapid order fulfillment.

Another solution includes the group’s robotic induction systems. These are designed to automate the process of loading parcels and packages onto conveyor systems. The robotic arms are equipped with sophisticated sensors and software, enabling them to identify and pick up items from incoming streams with precision and speed. The robotic induction systems significantly reduce manual labor, increase throughput and improve overall efficiency in the sorting process.

Another of the group’s solutions is its print-and-apply labeling systems. These streamline the process of labeling packages with shipping information, tracking numbers and barcodes, eliminating the need for manual label application, reducing the risk of handling errors and ensuring consistent and compliant labeling across all packages.

Alstef Group additionally provides advanced control and software solutions that integrate seamlessly with its various handling systems. These software solutions offer real-time monitoring, analytics and optimization tools, enabling businesses to manage their logistics operations efficiently and make data-driven decisions. Alstef Group empowers businesses to enhance their post and parcel handling capabilities - its new technologies optimize processes, increase productivity and contribute to a more efficient and reliable logistics ecosystem.

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