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DAY 2: EuroSort live demos synchronized tilting table, robot and sorter

Visitors to EuroSort’s booth are being given a live demonstration of its synchronized tilting table and experiencing first-hand how a robot and a sorter can work together.

According to EuroSort, one of the obstacles to increasing productivity in postal and parcel operations is waiting time. Automated sortation makes it possible to increase productivity but there can still be waiting time when inducting articles – due to recirculation or occupied tray-through items inducted on an upstream induction point. With the ever-increasing demand for the robotization of manual processes, this waiting time becomes more apparent in the cycle time of the robot. When the tray is full, the robot or operator must wait for the next available tray which means a loss of productivity. To tackle this problem, EuroSort has developed the synchronized tilting table which is currently being showcased at Parcel+Post Expo in Amsterdam.

The synchronized tilting table has been designed to improve the productivity of both humans and robots. The robot or operator places the article on the tilting table which in turn drops the article synchronized in a free spot or tray on the sorter. During the drop process, the operator or robot grabs the next article and places it on the empty table again. This means that the picking process of the operator or robot is disconnected from the actual induction process. A single operator or robot inductor can work in combination with multiple synchronized tilting tables to reach the highest possible productivity where only the picking of new items determines the induction rate.

Kasper Stoffels, head of marketing at EuroSort, explained, “We are actually showing here two great technologies – one is our sorter that's well known in the postal market and the other one is the robot induction from AWL. The robot induction from AWL has been proven with over 100 postal operators across the world. It has AI-powered vision software, that tells it where and what to pick next, as well as where to put it. It’s one of the best sorting solutions on the market.

“At Parcel+Post Expo, we don't only see existing customers here. Instead, everyone in this market is here. We feel very much obliged to be here and to be able to show them what is possible. Every year, year on year, we see more people coming from further and further away. It's a really good crowd; it's always decision makers. It's people who know the business. They know the lingo. They know what's happening. You don't have to explain to them, like ‘This is what a sorter does…’ They already know. They just want to know ‘How is this product going to help me?’ That's how we try to help them. We always have a pretty big presence at the show to give people a really good idea of what you're going to get.”

Visit EuroSort on Booth 11.226 to find out more, and read more expo news here.

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