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DAY 2: Scoobic showcases its four-wheeled electric cargo bike

At the show, Scoobic is showcasing its four-wheeled electric cargo bike, designed with new technology to revolutionize last-mile deliveries and make them more efficient. It features the company’s latest development – the advanced by-wire transmission system.

The cargo bike can carry 250kg of goods in its large 2,200-liter box and travel 60km on a single charge. New features include a smart interchangeable battery system that keeps deliveries running smoothly without the hassle of long charging stops. Users can swap batteries while on the go, boosting delivery productivity.

The electric cargo bike offers one of the lowest total costs of ownership in the market, thanks to its durability and cost-effectiveness. Scoobic guarantees that the vehicle will last for five years.

Daniel Byle, marketing and events coordinator at Scoobic Urban Mobility, commented, “We've also been redesigning the cargo bikes, making them tough enough and ready for any challenge that they're posted in. I think one of the best things about our vehicles is that they focus on last-mile delivery. We're taking something that used to create a lot of air and sound pollution and making it 100% renewable. We have vehicles that can perform like internal combustion engines and fit with the latest EU requirements. Additionally, our solutions are entirely created in Spain, from inception to client.

“We’re here at Parcel+Post expo because last-mile mobility is what we're focusing on. There's nobody that does more last-mile mobility than the postal service and this show is the best opportunity to access that industry.”

Visit Scoobic on Booth 12.532 to find out more, and read more expo news here.

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