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DAY 2: Prolistic exhibits its optical character recognition manual station

Prolistic’s Pro-Cap optical character recognition (OCR) manual station is on show at the expo. The semi-automatic data capture and tracking solution for service providers is suited to shipments of all kinds, from letters to parcels.

Pro-Cap by Prolistic is a software and hardware concept for shipment data recording (OCR machine and handwriting), tracking (BCR), redress and erroneous processing. With its impressive speed (up to 650 shipments per hour) and ergonomics, the new Pro-Cap system is intended to simplify the work of mail and parcel service providers and save time and money in internal logistics. It also significantly improves the quality of the data.

Prolistic maintains that the market demands individual solutions, particularly for the mailing mix within the e-commerce segment. This is because the e-commerce segment is more complex, unwieldy and increasingly difficult to process, considering factors such as size, packaging, heterogeneity and numerous printings.
Yves Blattmann, chief financial officer at Prolistic, said, “While this is probably the most expensive on the market, it’s also the one that processes mail the fastest. Once customers try this machine and get used to it, they get rid of their other machines because it's just way faster processing in the end. You can process maybe 600-700 parcels per hour with full OCR. In comparison, most of the competition can process 300 parcels per hour. Our solution reads the whole address, even handwritten addresses. It’s something that, in practical terms, you really have to test in a real environment to fully understand its impact.

“We've been coming to Parcel+Post Expo for 10 years, or maybe even longer like for 15 years. Over the last 15 years, we’ve always sold at least one sorter system at the show. With every sorter we sell, we also provide maintenance so the show always results in a successful, long-term relationship between the customer and us. On the whole, the show makes our whole business more stable.”

Visit Prolistic on Booth 12.425 to find out more, and read more expo news here.

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