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Adam Vaile

As the global market director, parcel for Dutch solution provider Vanderlande, Adam is responsible for devising the strategic direction for the growing and dynamic parcel segment. With a background of more than 20 years in automated logistics and materials handling, his career extends over several key segments including airports and parcel and post. With experience both as a customer and as a supplier of automation solutions, he offers a breadth of insight and knowledge into this industry, and the challenges and opportunities it faces in this dynamic and changing world.


Optimizing your footprint while handling smalls

The growth of the e-commerce sector continues to have a significant impact on the industry. Not only must rapid deliveries and later cut-off times be factored in, but the quantity of small parcels has significantly increased. With the now universal labor shortages and with real estate at a prime, parcel companies have to increase their capacity while accommodating various parcel sizes, optimizing their facilities’ footprint and reducing their dependency on labor. Adam will discuss how facilities can be optimized through automation and will share Vanderlande’s vision for the future of parcel handling.