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Mikhail Konstantinov

Mikhail is an independent researcher for logistics and supply chain who has worked for LeShop.ch (Germany), Doit24.de (Germany), Lebensmittel.de (Germany) and Carrefour.com (France), among others.


Variable delivery time slots in e-grocery and e-business

If you order a delivery time slot, then it is most natural if you personally, and not the delivery company, decide when it is convenient for you to accept delivery, choose time points 'from' and 'till' and get the delivery price. Delivery slots become variable. The home office, which has become popular due to the pandemic, simply requires long 10-12-hour delivery slots, because customers are at home all day, but the UK e-grocery segment, for example, still imposes short 1-hour slots on everyone. Why do e-grocers act contrary to logic and against their own benefit? We will try to solve this riddle.