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Kaveh Dolati

Kaveh has a BA in telecommunications engineering and an MSc in information technology management. He previously worked as an expert in information technology (2000-2005), head of information transport management and AVL (2006-2012) and head of hardware infrastructure (2013-2016). Kaveh was deputy director general of geographical and spatial information (2016-2019) and has been in his current role (director general) since 2019.


The impact of GNAF for greater operational agility

This presentation will explain the Iranian postal company's action plan during the Covid-19 pandemic. Elements will include increasing online services to prevent people leaving their homes to buy postal necessities; developing e-commerce platforms in the company for the whole country; converting and developing counter services to web-based services; using GNAF location web services for emergency states during the pandemic to locate the caller position on the map and catch it easily and fast; and using the GNAF location database in Covid-19 spread detection.