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Landy Zhao

Landy has extensive management experience and dazzling career experience. She has spent 10 years investigating the volume and demand of the logistics automation market in nearly 30 countries and regions and visited 95% of the world's advanced logistics automation enterprises. At the same time, she also managed the international business unit of Damon Group (SH68836) and obtained her PhD. Today, as the CEO of Simba Tech, she will reveal a groundbreaking product.


'One-parcel-multi-carries' for a one-stop sorting solution

With the popularization of e-commerce, the types of packages to be handled in sorting centers are becoming increasingly complex and varied. Simba has developed the multibelt sorting system to greatly expand the range of cargo types and weights with the idea of 'one-parcel-multi-carries'. The carries are flexibly assigned according to the size of the goods entering the line, and multiple carries move in concert to transport the goods to the designated position and then feed them smoothly into the chute.