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Greg Urban

Greg Urban, last-mile expert and supply chain professional. The previous head of the transport & logistics competency hub in PwC and the head of Marketing and Revenue Management in UPS. The expert in complex transformation projects from strategy to implementation with a special focus on digitalization and automation of processes including AI. Greg supported more than 15 parcel and postal operators in strategy, sales, network design, automation, IT, and M&A transactions.


Artificial Intelligence in preventing supply chain disruptions

The years 2020 and 2021 brought a dramatic change in supply chain resilience. The increases and decreases in demand, port closures, and defaults by subcontractors have become the everyday life of supply chain managers. There is no indication that this will change in the coming years. Postal operators are part of the chain that has been disrupted and must be prepared for rapid changes in the market environment. The presentation focuses on introducing methods that can predict disruptions using artificial intelligence and support or automate operations decisions.