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Fadi Albuhairan

Dr. Fadi Al-Buhairan has over 22 years of global, regional, and local experience spanning across various government, public and private sector domains. Dr. Al-Buhairan currently holds the position of Deputy CEO at SPL (formerly known as Saudi Post), and is responsible for overseeing a number of enterprise functions including strategy, transformation, commercial affairs, disruptive innovation, and corporate excellence. He is also currently the Board Chairman of SPL Digital, and a board member and respective committee member at two other organizations, namely, NUPCO, and Naqel Express. Prior to his role at SPL, Dr. Al-Buhairan spent over 12 years in the management consulting domain; four of which he focused on establishing and building his own consulting business in North America, and the other eight years he was part of two Big 4 organizations. His last management consulting post was as an EY Partner, and was responsible for a few roles, namely, the MENA Digital Healthcare Consulting Practice Leader, the MENA Consulting Talent Partner, and the GM of the KSA consulting business. Academically, Dr. Al-Buhairan was an Assistant Professor of Health Informatics for six years, where he taught at both the graduate and undergraduate levels, and held different research roles during his academic tenure. Dr. Al-Buhairan obtained his PhD in Information Systems and Technologies, and has two Masters degrees; one in the field of Information Studies, and the other in Information Systems and Technology.


SPL’s customer centric and innovative approach towards the changing and rising demand of e-commerce parcels in the local market

The Saudi e-commerce market has been growing and continues to grow post the pandemic. This market growth comes with its own sets of challenges that should only be viewed as opportunities. Customers are seeking more convenience, better access, and increased quality and speed. Accordingly, and in order to continue to grow and advance in the market, SPL has been moving forward with a focused customer centric and innovative approach to address such demand and the growing customer needs. During this presentation, we will zoom in on some of the key opportunities that have been realized by listening to the 'voice of the customer' and how SPL is tackling them.