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Kenneth Malmberg

Kenneth is responsible for market development and creating co-operations, with key 3rd party companies, enabling Ridecell to enrich its fleet automation and digitization solution offerings. Prior to joining Ridecell, Kenneth was the Business Development Lead for Infotainment and Development at General Motors Europe. Before GM, he has worked in several Business Development and Strategic roles with the Nokia Corporation. Kenneth holds a BBA in International Business from Schiller International University and an MBA from the University of Warwick, Warwick Business School.


Last mile innovations that ensure compliance, efficiency and security

Innovative Solutions for Last Mile With pressure to get more deliveries in less time, the tendency to cut corners has become the norm. Unsafe vehicles being driven with check engine lights on, drivers not locking vehicles when stopped for a delivery, and leaving the engine running has become a common ocurrence. As a leader responsible for fleet efficiency and safety, having the mechanism to immobilize unsafe vehicles before they are taken, andlock vehicles that are stopped for delivery are just a few of the things that the digital transformation of last mile can do.