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Parcel+Post Expo presents the industry-leading conference on strategy, business and innovation

The World Postal Business Forum, organized by the Universal Postal Union, is a key highlight of the 2019 Parcel+Post Expo event. The UPU provides exclusive access to postal industry leaders from across the globe, who will discuss the most important trends, opportunities and solutions to harness technology and revolutionize the post and parcel industry.

The Parcel+Post Expo LIVE Innovation Showcase will once again provide delegates with the chance to see the latest and future technologies demonstrated during the conference. With special sessions featuring the very latest in drone delivery solutions, sorting center robotics, autonomous delivery vehicles and future technologies, the LIVE Innovation Showcase really is a must-attend event for every postal and delivery company.

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Future show: Parcel+Post Expo 2020, 13-15 October 2020, Hall 8, Vienna, Austria