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Tuesday, October 13

14:00 CET - Delivery Solutions Theatre - Mobile Technology

Handheld mobile technology is particularly useful in the delivery arena, providing a wealth of information to the delivery driver and enabling secure handover of parcels with real-time information to the carrier and the customer. This session will review the current state of mobile technology and the approaches to its usage, especially during the Covid-19 crisis.


Graeme Lee
Senior partner
Sunflower Associates

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14:00 CET - Explore different ways to use smartphones in last mile workflows to deliver efficiency and speed

Felix Stieger
Head of solution consulting

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During this panel discussion, Scandit will highlight how scanning-enabled apps on smartphones add value, flexibility and efficiency to existing last mile workflows. We’ll show how you can seamlessly integrate smartphones into your processes today or transform them with innovative new capabilities.

14:20 CET - What you can’t see can hurt you: The hidden costs of using mobile devices in parcel delivery

Gary Lee
Chief revenue officer
B2M Solutions

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Mobile devices in the hands of your workers have become critical to the success of your business. Whether they are used to scan packages, receive customers’ signatures, or process payments, ensuring each mobile device and app is always up and operational is critical. Yet today, the sad state of the industry is that mobile devices often fail, resulting in huge, sometimes hidden costs to the business. This presentation will cover the latest research findings on problems and solutions to ensure mobility is able to deliver on its promises for business. It will also use case studies to highlight solutions.

14:40 CET - Transformation of Android devices in last-mile delivery

Peter Selicky
Head of development
Ignitix IT Consulting GmbH

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“We can work with €100 smartphones…” Is that really so easy? Do we no longer need rugged enterprise devices? What about security? The European Union has strict GDPR regulations. NFC, beacons, IoT and other technologies help us protect our data and our customers’ data. How do we deal with battery life nowadays? In terms of software options, iOS offers only one operating system. With Android, however, we can choose an operating system with or without Google services. What are the pros and cons, and what activity tracking options do we have here? A higher fluctuation of the users is a reality. So let’s see how we can shorten user training time and achieve a better user experience with the device by using route visualization on their device, Wear OS, virtual reality, industrial wearables and other equipment in their immediate environment using Bluetooth or wi-fi technology. The last mile has never been easier, with keyless trunk technology, contactless delivery via a user’s smartphone, and many other ideas on how quickly the last mile can be completed. The use of devices in vehicle diagnostics reports on time without additional hardware using OBD2 or VCDS. It is a great way to get a simple overview of your vehicle fleet.

15:05 CET - Panel Discussion