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Wednesday, October 14

14:00 CET - Business Strategy Theatre - Postal Operations

14:00 CET - Marketing, CRM and direct mail after Covid-19

Martin Twellmeyer
optilyz GmbH

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Raphael Fässler
Investment associate
Swiss Post Ventures

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CRM teams are gradually taking over the responsibility in organizations for direct mail budgets from print purchasers, and CRM itself is becoming more connected and performance-driven through marketing automation. Integrating direct mail into this CRM setup (e.g. into customer journeys) will be the key to success. One too many mass mailings will be a thing of the past; the future of direct mail will be targeting and hyperpersonalization. Consequently, postal service providers face the same challenge as printers that are losing their old contacts in organizations and often do not speak the marketing language of CRM managers.

14:20 CET - Postal operations 4.0: Integration of various data into one point of view on postal operations and business performance

Radoslaw Malkiewicz

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What is the best way to provide the reliable, up-to-date information needed for postal organizations and their key functions? How to posts best integrate data scattered across multiple systems? How can we improve existing processes of data integration in a quick and error-free way? What is the ideal way to provide an integrated view on postal business and operations performance for all key functions? How can the postal S&OP process be improved? Seems challenging – is it even possible?

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15:20 Panel Discussion