Fareye roundtable

Strategies for success: navigating the tightrope of balancing costs and carbon emissions

In the ever-evolving business landscape of 2023, companies face a critical juncture where carbon emissions commitments are looming on the horizon, while economic challenges such as inflation and weak growth exert relentless pressure on the imperative to contain costs and safeguard the bottom line. To thrive in this dynamic environment, organizations must harness the power of best-in-class available technology and solutions like routing, optimization and delivery management solutions.

Join FarEye’s roundtable to discover the strategies that can help your business scale while minimizing cost and the environmental footprint. The roundtable is set to explore how the direct-to-consumer (D2C) trend amplifies the importance of balancing costs with green delivery options, including the growth of parcel lockers and PUDO (pick -up and drop off) services. Don't miss this opportunity to gain insights that can drive your company's success in the face of these challenges.

Here are the key points that will be covered in the roundtable discussion:

Economic pressures on containing cost
  • Analyzing the impact of inflation and weak economic growth on cost management
  • Strategies to balance cost saving measures with long-term sustainability goals
Delivery management solutions
  • Examining the importance of efficient delivery management in achieving both cost savings and environmental targets
  • Highlighting innovative solutions and best practices in delivery management
Leveraging routing and optimization solutions
  • Exploring the role of advanced routing and optimization solutions in cost reduction
  • Case studies of companies successfully implementing these technologies
2030 carbon emissions commitments
  • Understanding the upcoming carbon emissions commitments and their significance for businesses
  • Exploring the regulatory landscape and potential consequences for non-compliance
  • Technologies that are helping in achieving the goals
Direct-to-consumer (D2C) effect
  • Discussing the growing influence of D2C trends on the balance between cost containment and green delivery options
  • Identifying strategies to align D2C growth with sustainability goals
Parcel lockers and PUDO growth
  • Exploring the rise of parcel lockers and pick-up and drop off (PUDO) services as sustainable delivery alternatives
  • Benefits, challenges and implementation considerations