Getting Ready!

Parcel+Post Expo is Getting Ready! We are in good shape and the Expo and Conference have built strongly despite global uncertainty. Our venue, Messe Wien, is making preparations for hosting our prestigious event and in Austria as a whole the lockdown is now giving way to a return to normal living. The wearing of face masks is to be no longer mandatory from mid June and the all important world of B2B focussed events is getting prepared to restart. Why so important. Feedback from Parcel+Post Expo exhibitors is almost unilaterally the same. The Show Must Go On. Parcel deliveries are booming and the posts are major participants in one of the few industries that has actually seen a boost to its business since the start of 2020. Indeed many posts have reported Xmas-like levels of turnover in every one of the last 4 months so there will be a good appetite for investment in an industry which seems set to continue to benefit from a significant upswing not merely in core parcel delivery activity but in grocery and food delivery as well.

What Are We Doing and What Do We Recommend For You

The Parcel+Post Expo team are in weekly contact with the venue and everything is set to run pretty much as normal. We await information on social distancing but we don’t imagine any significant effect. The good news is our conference rooms are extremely spacious and even with a requirement to only use the rooms to say one third capacity, we have plenty of space to enable the conferences to run smoothly with normal numbers of attendees. For the exhibition, the hall has greater capacity than we require even though we currently have a full size show... click here for the show layout/floorplan. The hall being oversize is important because should there be a requirement for larger aisles then these can be accommodated without any significant disruption. As international show organisers involved in numerous transportation sectors, we have already run one of our shows (at the end of February in Hannover) with various measures in place for well-being and safety that included airport industry temperature scanners at the entrances, extensive provision of electronic contactless hand sanitisers, contactless onsite visitor and delegate registration using wifi to personal phones and tablets and contact free badge printers. This means that uniquely we have experience of full implementation of covid19 sensitive measures which will be applied for your safety to any and every degree deemed necessary at Parcel+Post Expo.


This is our strong recommendation. Design, Plan and Be Ready. Nobody can guarantee what could happen in the next few weeks.

However every indication we have at this stage says The Show Will Be Delivered. Get Ready. Be Ready.

2020 Show Enhancements

We know that it is unlikely that all countries will be able to send delegations. Quite often people come to Parcel+Post Expo from more than 100 countries. We will therefore be implementing measures to extend the reach of the show to all of our industry friends, partners and databases. Measures will include the addition of a number of film crews who will be producing documentaries for broadcast to our database after the show. These will take the form of one hour ‘online shows’ that will highlight new products and technologies by sector. There will be no charge to exhibitors for participation in these and we will be working with you all to make sure we have you included. Some additional feature enhancements’ may be offered at low additional costs. Matt Gunn will advise. We will also be ‘filming’ the conference. This means again that after the Conference has run our ‘database members’ will be able to select at no cost which presentations they would like to view and stream them as and when they wish on a click and play basis. The idea is if some people are just not able to attend, later and in the comfort of their own homes and offices, they will be able to click and view as and when it suits them to access the information. Doing this will enable us to manage the production qualities. ‘Live’ Broadcasting of the Conference will also take place and offer possibilities for remote Q&A. We will have a ‘contact the speaker’ button to enable rapid relationship building and business development where appropriate.

The Green Lights are Set To Light-Up. Watch the Website for More!

For more information on opportunities to enhance your exhibit please contact Matt Gunn ( who has been with the show since the very beginning back in 1997! All operational questions please contact Annika Gleichmann at

The above are first points of contact. I am of course continuously available too

Tony Robinson, Founder, Parcel+Post Expo.

Future show: Parcel+Post Expo 2021, October 12, 13, 14 2021, Paris, France