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Space-saving sorting of sundry sizes and shapes
Wayz Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Co.Ltd

Wayz Intelligent Manufacturing Technology focuses on automatic sorting and conveying technology. The company is committed to offering professional solutions for mechanization, automation and information sorting technology, and to supplying special logistics equipment to express logistics, warehousing,
e-commerce and other industries. Its product line covers crossbelt sortation systems, double-deck crossbelt sortation systems, linear automatic sorting systems, and large parcel automatic sorting systems, among others.

With multiple sorting outfeeds for continuous and highly efficient sorting, the crossbelt sortation system reduces the cost of labor. The double-deck crossbelt sortation system saves space and meets sorting demands.

The linear automatic sorting system for small parcels is extremely space-saving, and is suitable for sorting items of less than 30kg (66 lb) in different sizes and shapes. It is suitable for narrow and long sorting workshops and offers flexible space arrangement.

The automatic sorting system for large parcels is composed of dynamic scales, a 3D size measuring instrument (optional), a high- precision barcode recognition system, and a sorting module belt. After a large package is automatically collected by the dynamic scale device on the conveyor belt, the barcode and weight are automatically collected, and the corresponding sorting port of the package is obtained from the server, thereby completing the entire sorting task. This large parcel automatic sorting system can replace manual sorting, which greatly reduces the errors associated with manual sorting and manual data collection.

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