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Automation sensor technology

SICK AG’s 4th generation image-based code reader (ICR) handles even the most difficult reading tasks. It identifies all common 1D barcodes and 2D matrix codes at high throughputs of more than 18,000 objects per hour and conveyor speeds of up to 4m/s. OCR, video coding and object classification can be performed instantly on board the camera processor. Reduced shadow effects and minimal system footprint are ensured thanks to the 55° camera skew angle.

The compact Visionary-T Mini 3D snapshot camera with its easy usability and excellent data quality meets the needs of 3D machine vision. Thanks to pioneering 3D time-of-flight technology, every pixel delivers the most accurate depth and intensity data. The short trigger time enables the camera to cope with extreme light contrasts, broad distance ranges, low remission and moving objects. Robot guidance for depalletizing, object bulk detection and shipment dimensioning are typical fields of application.

If mounted on a forklift, SICK 3D cameras scan pallets with the Pallet Pocket Detection SensorApp, which calculates the precise position for inserting forklift forks into pallet holes at the right angle. A maneuvering algorithm adjusts the pick-up angle and fork orientation even if pallets are positioned inaccurately.

The Tag-LOC system localizes shipments and assets in real time based on ultra-wideband technology. Precise position data allows continuous monitoring of goods movements and material flow. The Asset Analytics software visualizes and evaluates the recorded data. Geofencing triggers predefined actions if shipments reach a specified area. The Tag-LOC system can be combined with identification technologies such as RFID, lidar and GPS to create supply chain transparency.

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