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Trailer designed for last-mile deliveries in cities

The Sommer ZAG-A is a double central axle trailer with a closed body made of light sandwich panels, which has been developed specifically for the city logistics of parcel services. The trailer has a total weight of 3.5 tons when loaded and a 180mm hydraulically retractable chassis, so the loading height at the rear is almost level.

Large quantities of packages can be stowed safely on the foldable shelves, which can be installed the entire length of both sides and on the front wall. The ZAG-A can be used as a mobile microdepot for the inner-city logistics of parcel services or even as an e-bike garage.

Thanks to the lightweight construction and the stable sandwich wall concept, the Sommer ZAG-A weighs approximately 1.37 tons including the shelving system, and can carry a payload of approximately 2.13 tons.

With its Parcely e-bike, Sommer offers an environmentally friendly alternative for last-mile delivery. The bike is equipped with an electric drive with integrated three-gear shift and can travel up to speeds of 25km/h (16mph). Parcely does not require a license or registration, so it can be used by younger drivers or
people without a driver’s license. The robust frame, strong electric engine and the almost indestructible rear wheels make Parcely a great e-bike for the toughest applications.

Sommer Parcely, with its simple but practical equipment, is a cost-efficient alternative to other highly priced solutions on the market. The box is made of light and robust sandwich panels, and is automatically lockable without a key. Parcely has a gross weight of 350kg (770 lb), and can carry weights of up to approximately 140kg (308 lb).

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