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Enclosed trays to speed sortation

The increasing volumes of small parcels coming from Asian marketplaces, such as Alibaba, are a challenge for crossbelt and other conventional sorting systems. Small, lightweight, irregularly shaped and cylindrical items – often poorly packed in just a layer of wrapping with copious amounts of tape and labels – are causing an increasing number of incorrect sorts and lost items. The smaller lightweight items are a concern for existing sorting centers, which are often set up for larger and well-packaged parcels.

The Single Cross Tray Sorter – developed by EuroSort – is set to change this. The most innovative aspect is the tray, which is enclosed on four sides. This ensures that every item – large, small, flat or round – remains in the tray throughout the entire sorter loop. When the tray has reached the correct sorting exit, the cleats on both sides of the carrier start to move. They provide a forced discharge, so that every item, regardless of shape, weight or size, reaches the right exit.
Another advantage is that the cleats of the trays can move in two directions. This enables two-sided discharging, which means that the number of exits per square meter is more than that of most conventional sorting systems. This feature makes the Single Cross Tray Sorter a compact sorting solution, which can easily be placed on a standard mezzanine floor due to its low machine weight.

This sorter uses EuroSort’s proven Flex Drive System, which allows endless sorter layouts, elevation changes, and built-in motor redundancy to increase uptime on busy days. Building on this framework keeps the system energy efficient, simple to maintain and scalable.

The purchase of an automatic input system is no longer necessary due to safe manual loading possibilities. Automatic loading remains available when additional functionality is needed, such as weighing, dimensioning, six-sided scanning, and OCR delay lines. This all leads to lower investment costs than those of older sorting systems.

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Future show: Parcel+Post Expo 2020, 13-15 October 2020, Hall 8, Vienna, Austria