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Linear crossbelt sortation at high speeds
Falcon Autotech

Falcon’s linear crossbelt sortation technique has been designed for versatile product handling at high speeds in limited floor space. The technology is guaranteed to reduce cost and time, and increases efficiency and accuracy with high throughput. Falcon’s linear crossbelt sorter competes directly with traditional shoe sorters, which have limitations.

The crossbelt sorter is known for gentle product handling of all types of articles, including parcels, boxes, apparel, toys, utensils, luggage and footwear; and accurate sorting of items to the correct destination, regardless of size, shape or surface structure.

The linear crossbelt sorter designed by Falcon Autotech can achieve speeds of up to 1.5m/s, and depending on the size of crossbelt, a maximum sorting capacity of 10,800 items per hour can be achieved with goods weighing up to 30kg (per belt).

Powered by linear motor technology and simple design, these crossbelt sorters are suited to operations in areas with limited or tight space; narrow chute centers positioned at close intervals save valuable floor space.

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