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Ultra-lightweight delivery van interiors

Modul-System will show a van with a complete Modul- Express ultra-lightweight solution for postal and parcel service vehicles. The solution consists of flooring, lining, wall rails, folding shelves with nets, bulkhead with sliding door, jump seat, and the new weighing and overload protection system.

The flooring, named Modul-Floor, is a lightweight aluminum sandwich floor with integrated aluminum rails to allow for lashing.The weight saved compared with a common 12mm plywood floor is 15-20%. The floor is glued to the vehicle, which means no holes, to eliminate the risk of corrosion or interference with battery packs for electrical vehicles.

The lightweight lining is a polypropylene honeycomb construction, saving almost 40% of the weight compared with plywood lining. The glued wall rails reinforce the vehicle body, improve safety, and allow for fixation of folding shelves and lashings to them.

The folding shelves have a patented design made of ultra-high- strength steel. The lightweight shelves can carry 120kg (465 lb) and are easy to operate. The shelves will have a new net solution to prevent packages from falling down from them in case of sudden braking, etc.

The bulkhead with a sliding door is based on a lightweight aluminum sandwich construction, which is up to 50% lighter in weight than previous bulkheads made using steel or aluminum. The door can be supplied with an ordinary handle without a lock, or with a cylinder lock, a slam lock, or an on-demand electrical lock.
The new weighing system enables the driver to see the total vehicle weight either via the Modul-Connect app or on a display panel in the cabin.

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Future show: Parcel+Post Expo 2021, October 12, 13, 14 2021, Paris, France