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UHMW chutes
Tiffin Metal Products

Tiffin Metal Products Co is a full-service sheet-metal fabrication company specializing in design and fabrication solutions for the material handling industry. In response to increased worldwide demand for SST Gravity Chutes, in 2020 Tiffin opened a new facility in Schmitten, Switzerland.

Tiffin Metal Products’ SST Gravity Chutes are considered to be among the best UHMW chutes worldwide. Steel or fiberglass chutes can cause packages to stick. Tiffin’s design solves many of the material flow problems associated with conventional chutes. The low coefficient of friction of UHMW-PE allows users to move packages more quickly and allows damp packages to maintain speed. Multiple types of UHMW materials are available to support specific package weights. SST Gravity Chutes allow self-starting at angles up to 10º less than standard steel chutes. The SST chutes are fully customizable, with few restrictions on width, side-guard height or pitch. SST Gravity Chutes can be delivered assembled and ready for installation.

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