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Keeping the flow
Prime Vision

Prime Vision recently introduced a new tagline: smart vision, smart flow.

Prime Vision is top notch in handwriting, label and image readers. The company has always had a vision of futureproofing itself and its clients by developing original reading technologies into best-in-class artificial intelligence solutions.

The flow in a literal sense is about keeping goods moving through sorting centers until they reach the right destination. Prime Vision organizes and orchestrates these flows of letters and parcels for clients. However, there is also the figurative flow: the one between the client and the company. Prime Vision gets in the flow with clients, who are considered partners. At the end of the day, Prime Vision brings solutions to problems; it keeps the flow going. In contrast to many mega-companies, Prime Vision brings a solution before sending an invoice.

Behind all processes there is a vision, and all projects are completed with clients. For example, the ideas for the Flow Projector and Autonomous Sorting System came up when a client took members of Prime Vision on a tour of one of their facilities and brainstormed possible solutions to their sorting challenges. When it comes to investing time and money in innovation, Prime Vision does that with clients as well.

The roots of the company are in the postal industry; along the way, it grew into the parcel market. These will remain the focus in the years to come, but Prime Vision also recently added e-commerce clients to its portfolio. Prime Vision is faithful to this interesting market. According to multiple surveys, the market for machine vision in postal and logistics is expected to grow to US$1bn in 2025.

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