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Open smart locker network

MYFLEXBOX, brought to you by Salzburg AG, continues to establish one of the largest open smart locker networks in Europe. By avoiding unnecessary trips, the company allows you to reduce time, effort and stress, while helping to cut carbon emissions. Parcels can be conveniently returned and picked up contactlessly, 24/7, using the lockers.

The MYFLEXBOX open API-system has been developed entirely in-house and offers an important component for smart last mile solutions for all the company’s partners.

In addition to DPD and DHL Express, four other national and regional partners are already in the pipeline.

MYFLEXBOX has also been a partner of the Handelsverband and the "WienBox" since this summer.

Partnerships with regional logistics providers and national e-commerce providers are also being expanded on an ongoing basis. The latest example is grenzpaket, which stores goods at MYFLEXBOX locations in Vorarlberg. Even returns are possible as part of this latest partnership!

Due to its success, location partners continue to expand: For example, by the beginning of 2022, up to 60 MYFLEXBOX smart lockers will be available at selected Lidl locations throughout Austria, and the expansion of Austria's largest provider-independent smart locker network also continues at Turmöl.

Finally, MYFLEXBOX is also growing strongly in the real estate sector.

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