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Modular lockers for multiple postal carriers
De Buren

De Buren is a Dutch company that operates a 24/7 independent open-source network of smart lockers for last and first mile returns and click and collect. The lockers provide an open and secure service integrated with large national and international carriers.

The smart lockers are installed in locations users visit on a daily basis – convenient, sustainable and eco-friendly. They allow 24/7 receiving, shipping and returning, and registration is not required. Installation can be indoor or outdoor, and the units can provide refrigeration.

The lockers are modular and neutral in design. They provide an independent platform for multicarrier use, meaning several carriers can simultaneously use one system. By sharing the investment and operational costs of the lockers, the business model becomes considerably more profitable than if the lockers were used exclusively by one carrier.

Through experience, De Buren knows what is needed to successfully install lockers. The company also has extensive knowledge in replacing existing third-party systems, such as physical conversion of systems and in-house development of firmware and software.

De Buren offers a total solution in the field of smart lockers. In addition to supplying and maintaining the hardware, the company develops and manages the software, and is constantly working to improve its products and add functions.

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