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Mobile three-way sortation system
System Plast

Fast, efficient and monitored order processing depends increasingly on a high-throughput sortation system. But there is a growing need for modularity and mobility in a modern sortation setup. To meet these demands, Regal has introduced the new ModSort Trident, a mobile three-way sortation system with a pre-designed mobile setup for fulfillment/distribution centers, built around ModSort module technology.

The ModSort Trident is a single sortation system with a four-zone infeed conveyor with scanner technology, a control panel (HMI) and outfeed fingers. Its four-zone infeed spaces the package, reads the information and sends it down a belt, where it then diverts left, right or straight on a 30º spur-curve to one of three sorting locations.

The sorting core of the ModSort Trident unit is driven by the System Plast 2253RT roller top belt, which allows the conveyor station to transfer and divert an array of packages based on the sphere’s vector speed and direction. The matrix of freely rotating balls embedded in a continuous flat belt lets the rolling top belt station divert and transfer products of any kind (boxes, polybags, flats and even padded envelopes) onto motorized conveyor lines with precise, controlled, impact-free motion.

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