Products on Show

Easier sorting

Prolistic has two brand-new products coming to market. First is the E-Sorter, an affordable turnkey e-commerce sorter from Swisssort. It boasts performance up to 7,200 items per hour and can sort all kinds of e-commerce material (plastic-wrapped parcels, brochures, catalogs, etc).

It offers six-sided reading using line-scan cameras with auto focus (meaning very high-resolution images), and OCR reading and barcode recognition. It can measure volume and weight. Different exit options (bags, cages, gravity rollers, toboggans, etc) are available and a crossbelt sorting function is optional (linear, loop, circular crossbelts, on multiple levels, possible).

The second new product is Prolistic’s Pro-Cap, which enables semi-automatic sorting of non-machinable items. Data collection and tracking of e-commerce items becomes easier, with automatic OCR and barcode recognition through a top-down camera. The equipment is very user friendly, as the table is vertically adjustable and has a touchscreen, direct push buttons and a retractable keyboard. It can sort up to 650 parcels and letters per hour and comes with a scale and labeler and optional measuring of dimensions.

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