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Smart parcel lockers

ParcelA will showcase its new smart parcel lockers at Parcel+Post Expo 2021. With the newest product release, ParcelA is thrilled to bring its electronic parcel lockers to international markets. ParcelA lockers help businesses and consumers overcome the roadblocks of last-mile delivery, increasing security and convenience while lowering costs.

ParcelA Lockers provides solutions that improve the options and flexibility of delivery for consumers, increase the drop density while lowering the number of missed deliveries for carrier services, and enhance security while lowering the administrative hassle of parcel management for e-retailers.

ParcelA plans to become a global provider of user-agnostic smart parcel locker solutions. As a complete end-to-end (E2E) parcel locker system, ParcelA helps optimize the density of the locker, uses software that integrates with data management systems, and utilizes the highest-quality materials in the design of the lockers themselves.

ParcelA provides customized end-to-end manufacturing and engineering services to retailers and logistic companies. Its lockers are modular, scalable and customizable to unique spaces.

ParcelA produces and delivers cost-effective, high-quality products in the quickest and most efficient manner, and its lockers create an all-in-one package delivery solution to increase logistics efficiencies and reduce costs.

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