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Modular chutes
Talos Engineered Products

Talos develops and manufactures innovative equipment to solve material handling problems. The company uses cutting-edge machinery and expertise to craft efficient conveying equipment. The modular, customizable, non-magnetic UHMW chutes can be customized to suit a variety of material handling needs. This design helps users accommodate almost all applications with advantages including reduced freight and assembly labor costs and easy field adjustability.

The chute ribs and panels stack neatly into crates with enough components to ship a 540ยบ chute in two crates. These crates can easily be stacked/stored on-site to reduce the lay-down space required. This means Talos can design to a chute application, ensure design effectiveness using 3D simulation software, pack it up neatly, deliver it to the customer, and help assemble it quickly, correctly and more affordably.

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