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Lockers for residential buildings

Undeliverable parcels cause dissatisfaction for recipients and additional effort for delivery staff, and often for property managers as well. The compact KeConcierge parcel lockers offer a simple and secure solution for residential buildings. These parcel lockers can be installed in the entrance areas of multiparty houses or residential complexes. They can be used by all parcel delivery companies and by local courier and delivery services to securely store parcels and goods.

With a KeConcierge parcel system, recipients who are not at home save themselves the time-consuming journey to alternative delivery points. The system also eliminates the need to ring a neighbor’s doorbell, or the risk that parcels left on doormats could be stolen or damaged.

Post and parcel services save time and money, because each delivery is successful. Long walks through stairwells to apartment doors are eliminated, as are second delivery attempts or extra trips to parcel shops and parcel lockers. Delivery efficiency increases, emissions are reduced, and delivery costs fall.

Property managers can provide a modern and convenient system for secure, around-the-clock parcel delivery. The attractiveness of the property increases – as does the satisfaction of tenants and apartment owners. It also eliminates dealing with complaints about unlawfully deposited parcels in hallways and other shared spaces.

KeConcierge parcel lockers can be used by all parcel delivery companies and by local courier and delivery services. Recipients only need to fill out the appropriate signature release authorizations in order to benefit from this convenient, 24/7 pick- up facility.

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