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AI-based digital postage
Stamp Free

Stamp Free is all about making life as easy as possible for consumers and businesses who want to send parcels, letters and returns. The company also makes life easier for the postal companies and carriers who deliver them.

Stamp Free’s AI-based digital postage products are designed to disrupt the global postal and logistics market. The customer-facing Digicode, Shipcode and Easycode products are all accessed by the mobile-based Digital Postage Solution.

Each product enables the customer to send or return mail items simply by using the app on their phone. No stamps or printed postage labels are required. Handwritten six-digit codes are scanned and validated at source, before the mail item is sent or returned. Customer and pre-advice information is attached to the code before dispatch. Stamp Free has created industry-leading handwriting recognition speed and performance that make AI an exciting proposition for the postal and carrier industry.

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