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Efficient route planning

The Greenplan algorithm makes tour planning more efficient and sustainable. As a cutting-edge, cloud-based solution, Greenplan exploits the full potential of smart tour planning and intelligent last-mile logistics. A set of features helps to realize substantial cost savings and guarantees highly reliable shipments. Thanks to its cloud-native design, Greenplan can easily be integrated into existing IT infrastructures and respects customer-specific delivery constraints. As a software-as-a-service solution, the smart tour planning algorithm supports customers from various industries with optimized tours based on short calculation times.

Greenplan considers the entire delivery area without cutting it into pre-defined sub-districts per each driver or tour. Consequently, volumes are better distributed (according to the actual order situation), vehicles are efficiently used without idle capacities, and the number of tours, as well as driven kilometers, is reduced. If additional districts are needed for operational reasons, Greenplan offers overlapping districts to allow for greater flexibility.

Greenplan uses true historical traffic density data to come up with better tour plans. By using granular map data, traffic velocity per street segment can be considered depending on the time of day and day of the week. Providers benefit from more accurate ETA predictions and realistic delivery time windows.

The start times of individual delivery tours affect tour efficiency, the distance traveled, the number of tours and individual work times. Greenplan determines optimal starting times based on shipment-specific delivery time windows, time-of-day-dependent traffic flow velocities and working time constraints.

Greenplan is a 100% subsidiary of Deutsche Post DHL Group, helping customers on their mission toward more efficient and greener logistics.

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