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Speed sorting with less power consumption

Leonardo is a manufacturer of crossbelt technology for the sortation of parcels, packets and baggage. The crossbelt suite from Leonardo has raised the standards for high efficiency, availability and productivity, and reduced power consumption. The company has recently released its new suite of crossbelt sorters, which is now extremely modular and can be tailored to specific project needs. The propulsion system is based on asynchronous linear motors that generate a significant pull on the aluminum blades that equip the sorter carts; this constitutes a contactless, no- maintenance way to propel the sorter up to speeds of 3m/s.

Several other features – such as a best-in-class bus bar providing energy and communication on board, gearless motor rollers for the activation of the belts on the carts, and intrinsic redundancy – are also key to Leonardo’s latest crossbelt suites. The sorters can run either on Siemens or AB platforms, and can be deployed compliant with CE, UL and CSA norms and regulations.

At Parcel+Post Expo 2019, Leonardo will be presenting its new packet crossbelt sorter, ideal for the sortation process of small packages, envelopes, jiffy bags, polythene bags, documents, and small items in general, which constitute the majority of the e-commerce flow within the typical distribution center.

With a cell pitch of 500mm, a speed adjustable up to 3m/s, a compact turning radius, inclining and declining capability, and the ability to load larger items onto two cells, the eMPKS (Multi PacKets Sorter) is the ideal sorting equipment for the high- capacity flow requirements that are often found in operations. Key to the sorting process are the Leonardo induction conveyors, which are capable of handling 4,000 items per hour.

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