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Packeta expands across Europe
Packeta International s.r.o.

Packeta Group is a logistics provider in Europe with a strong presence in Central and Eastern Europe. Recently, the company has expanded services to Slovenia, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, France, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Ireland and Benelux. At the end of July 2019, the company completed expansion to the whole EU28.

With 15 depots, 2,600 pick-up points and offices across the CEE region, Packeta Group currently provides services for almost 30,000 clients, including e-commerce platforms, fulfillment companies, retailers and e-shops. Clients include leading e-commerce companies such as Notino, Alensa or Alza.

Packeta provides a complex delivery solution – through one API connection, users gain access to more than 60 carriers and other delivery and payment solutions in the Europe for the best prices. The service provides a wide network of more than 2,600 local shops to allow customers in the CEE region flexible pickup, popular cash-on- delivery services, and easy returns processing. Apart from pick-up points, automated robotic delivery can be procured.

Packeta provides export and import of parcels in Europe, and pickup of goods in depots. In the event of parcels heading out of the EU, the system additionally offers customs clearance.

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