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Modular automation system

With MOVI-C, Sew-Eurodrive offers a modular automation system that can be used to implement any conceivable drive solution.

All components come from a single source, from software, planning, startup and diagnostics, to the electronic control components and drive systems. Since the system is modular, it can be easily adapted to changing requirements at any time.

All drive components meet the highest efficiency standards. The MOVIGEAR performance drive unit, for example, meets the highest achievable efficiency class, IE5, and also reduces the losses of the motor by an additional approximately 50% compared with the permitted values. Furthermore, it meets the maximum system efficiency according to IEC 61800-9-2. The performance is also convincing – for example, up to 2.2kW with motor-integrated installation in MOVIMOT flexible, and up to 7.5kW installed next to the motor and > 7.5kW as a control cabinet solution for MOVITRAC advanced.

With its broad portfolio of noise-optimized, fanless drives, Sew-Eurodrive can design entire systems with reduced noise. The MOVIGEAR drive unit has an optimized acoustic design without vibrating fan guards or vibrating cooling fins. This halves the noise emission from the drive technology.

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