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Multi-destination sorting application
Zhejiang Libiao

Zhejiang Libiao will be presenting a multi-destination sorting application. The T-sort sorting system is a highly flexible table platform sorting system tailored for operations such as fulfillment order sorting, store replenishment, reverse logistics and more.

The product has been designed for greater flexibility and scalability to meet the challenges of peak periods and unstable quantity frequency or small batches with multiple species orders. It also has more chute quantity than other models because the adjustable number of chutes can be set according to quantity, SKU and order. Additionally, the system can sort 200-10,000 destinations within one cycle and increase the sorting efficiency. The small footprint of the system adapts to various destination location requirements while saving space and manpower. The company says that the solution usually creates a return on investment within two years. Furthermore, the system installation period is short, generally about one week to two months from signing the contract.

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