Products on Show

Automated sortation, even for the smallest parcels

The EuroSort Split Tray Sorter has over 100 installations in postal applications worldwide. EuroSort will bring its Split Tray Sorter to the show, including the specialized Postal Chute that brings unique advantages for companies needing to sort to mailsacks and containers.

To overcome problems with standard conveyors for transporting small packages and envelopes, EuroSort has developed a brand-new automatic infeed line for the Split Tray Sorter. With top-loading capability into the sorter, adjustment belts for a perfect drop into the tray and incline/decline options, this is already a significant technological advancement.

The real game-changer is the fact that it can also convey items that are only 50mm long. This is a unique feature in the market that will allow the smallest packages to be conveyed and automatically inducted into the sorter. The new automatic infeed line can also be fitted with weighing units and is therefore perfectly suited for parcel and post operations.

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