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Express sorting

Berrmakā€™s Berrsort Express sorter has been specifically designed for the sorting of small-sized items.

After reading the barcode, items are sorted according to destination and fall directly into the totes/bags. The Berrsort Express has a sorting capacity of 8,500 products per hour.

With an 85% throughput rate, Berrsort Express ensures smooth and efficient handling. This compact sorter can handle a wide range of product types and shapes (polybag, mail, box, etc), which makes it an ideal solution for e-commerce and parcel sectors. It is also used in the cosmetics, textiles, and shoe sectors.

As a result of its vertical structure, the sorter allows double-sided separation and can also be designed single-sided. According to user needs, it can be expanded to include automatic or manual infeed options. Owing to its modular and compact design, it can be easily assembled and rapidly installed.

A new loop-shaped Berrsort Express was introduced at the start of this year, offering cross-dock function, automatic feeding, volume measurement, weight measurement. The loop-shaped sorter is capable of processing up to 15,000 products per hour.

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