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Mail transportation for posts and airlines

Managing information with carriers is a key success factor for posts and the efficiency of their supply chains. Posts and airlines can exchange operational information through the existing UPU standard known as CARDIT/RESDIT exchange. This standard is widely used, and Leg-2 Experts’ Airmail Data (AMD) already enables five airlines to communicate with postal customers.

But Leg-2 Experts felt the need to go beyond the existing standard while remaining fully compliant with it. The company has initiated the possibility for posts to exchange CARDIT and RESDIT with truck companies, and AMD with sea carriers. AMD is the only postal electronic data interchange (EDI) solution that can give posts full visibility on their leg-2 operations irrespective of the mode of transport.

Many airlines are reluctant to invest in EDI solutions as the postal standards differ from general cargo rules. The Covid-19 crisis has also shown that posts need to multiply their transport solutions and the number of partners ready to carry mail under UPU standards.

The postal air waybill (PAWB) concept is an excellent tool to carry ‘mail as cargo’. AMD can offer airlines a service enabling the conversion of the postal document into IATA AWB. Leg-2 Experts can imagine going beyond this by providing this service to posts as well.

Leg-2 Experts’s ambition is to offer posts – especially those concerned by the forthcoming ICS2 regulation – the possibility to organize a ‘self EDI’ when the airline market is not responsive.

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