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Innovation from point of entry to last mile

From acceptance to delivery, Atos’s postal solutions and global network of postal experts empower posts to stay ahead of the e-commerce boom and increase value for customers.

From images lifted off a high-speed sorter or a mobile device at the counter, Atos Customs Capture employs advanced image processing, machine learning and complex algorithms to read and transmit complete and accurate data needed to meet regulatory requirements and collect customs fees.

Atos offers a platform for end-to-end parcel sortation and delivery. From its CEN-compliant Open Recognition System (ORS) with sort plan management, to smart containers, to last-mile delivery, Atos postal experts can integrate the components needed to meet the demands of tomorrow. The sorting-machine-agnostic ORS delivers excellent read rates and offers the flexibility to independently improve and expand parcel automation capabilities.

Atos smart technology tracks containers transporting parcels and packages within the facility and throughout the postal network, improving productivity and utilization. IoT beacons fitted to the roll containers broadcast their location and their current payload to readers installed in storage rooms, loading bays or on trucks. Edge and cloud technologies consolidate this location data and the payload of each roll container, enabling them to be used efficiently and to manage their lifecycle.

Atos’s patented multi-modal predictive model and new insights for route optimization provide real-time transparency to last-mile delivery. Optimize routes by distance, time, costs, CO2 impact and product quality, and proactively mitigate risk. Predict arrival times more accurately, plan for disruption with real-time alerts and access insights to better manage the delivery network.

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