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3D visualization in action
Beumer Group

Techniques such as 3D visualization, machine learning and big data can help achieve greater system optimization, availability and capacity. Visitors to Beumer Group’s booth will see 3D visualization in action, experiencing how it allows access to real- time data from every section of the sortation system for detailed inspection of material flows. Based on a digital twin of the sorting process, analysis of parcel flow and routing offers insights to improve workflow, productivity and business processes. These technologies also allow operators to apply smart filters, such as color codes, which help to identify bottlenecks and enable faster analysis of historical data.

Beumer is already working with customers using these technologies to monitor their systems, predict errors, carry out maintenance before a problem occurs, and assess and track productivity. Just one benefit of this kind of data and analyzing it correctly is being able to identify which elements of the system need inspection in the event of a problem. This saves time on diagnosing faults and ensures machinery is back in running order as soon as possible.

At the show, Beumer Group will also demonstrate integration of loop sorters and line sortation technology, saving costs, space and time.

Booth: 1125

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Future show: Parcel+Post Expo 2021, October 12, 13, 14 2021, Paris, France