DAY 2: EAE Solutions introduces its e-cross sorter
EAE Solutions

EAE Solutions is introducing its fully electric E-Cross Sorter for courier, express and parcel operations at Parcel+Post Expo.

The EAE Flow.E-Cross Sorter comes in two setups – line sorter (LN) or loop sorter (LP). Both are available with various carrier sizes to suit the diversified item spectrum. The mechanical sorter design is optimized for robustness and is already proven technology in CEP environments worldwide.

The EAE Flow.Control system guarantees parcel volumes, sorting accuracy and operational uptime. The modular control system has been developed in collaboration with major OEMs and customers and guarantees seamless integration and synchronization with existing infrastructure, all while offering enhanced data analysis and real-time insights into existing operations.

Erwin van Rossem, director of global sales and marketing at EAE solutions, explained, “A normal sorter will allow all the parcels to go into one chute. This means that all the heavy items are crushing the smaller items, and then you get broken stuff. This is just not okay. What really sets our solution apart is our Tetris technology. With this technology, the solution can sort all the heavy stuff onto the left-hand side, and the lightweight stuff on the right-hand side. This unique solution is well suited for gentle handling applications.

“Our sweet-spot customers – the cross section of potential customers best suited to us – come here to Parcel+Post Expo. The show draws all sorts of key companies such as nationwide companies like Nova Poshta, the Royal Mail and Deutsche Post, as well as the DHLs and DPDs of the world.”

Visit EAE Solutions on Booth 12.414 to find out more, and read more expo news here.

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