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DAY 2: Direct4me showcases its 2021 Multispace product

Debuting its MultiSpace parcel locker solution at Parcel+Post Expo 2021, Direct4me is demonstrating how its newest product enables quick scaling and deployment of parcel space locations.

MultiSpace maximizes the number of parcel spaces on a limited area by enabling the compartments to stack up against each other. On a 1m2 surface, 13-27 parcel spaces are available (depending on configuration) because MultiSpace enables several compartments to be combined in one location. As a result, parcel space capacity can be scaled quickly by adding/removing these compartments. Furthermore, when there are several MultiSpaces in one place, an IoT connection is established between them to act as one parcel locker station.

Žiga Schmidt, CEO of Direct4me, said, “The MultiSpace product basically came out of the evolution of the company. The company went from home solutions to click-and-collect solutions. The analysis that we made said the public solution is necessary. That’s why we invented the MultiSpace solution, which utilizes the same technology without electric power or communication costs. To do this, we incorporated IoT so that our MultiSpace solution – which is 1m2 – can go from 13 to 27 compartments. You can stack these up against each other and form an unlimited long location which can be, for example, 20 to 200 compartments. That’s how we use the same advantages and technology for the out-of-home, public locations. This means that anyone who wants to partner with us can deploy rapidly and increase the capacity and density of their locations.”

With an open platform, this technology can provide better infrastructure without any integration. The sound-based technology in these lockers enables spaces to be unlocked with almost any phone – smart or feature, with or without the app.

Schmidt added, “We base all of our solutions on our voice technology, which enables you to use and access parcels through our hardware using the voice channel of the phone, not Bluetooth. You don’t need any electricity, any communication cost or any sim cards. You just have a phone number; we connect it to the tracking number and that forms a key that opens the box that you are authorized for. This also means that you can use it with all Nokia phones, Erikson phones, feature phones and smartphones. You don’t even need to have an app because you can open it with a simple phone call. That means that you don’t need another app and you have a very simple experience. Because there are no communication or electricity costs, we offer more than 50% lower total cost of ownership for our partners. This enables us to have our hardware at such competitive prices.

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