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New electric van

Voltia has been providing clients with electric vans that make sense in terms of high reliability, performance and cost for over a decade.

A new Voltia XL model – an evolution of the electric van – has been made even better and more cost-effective than the last Nissan model. The new Voltia model will offer an unprecedented cargo space and the lowest cost per cubic meter of any electric LCV.

Based on a new platform, it offers quality, safety and comfort. The new Voltia XL models will offer an 11m3 cargo space. Two battery sizes are available with ranges of either 190km or 280km with slow and fast charging options. Payload ranges from 800-1,000kg, and there are three passenger seats and a variety of safety and comfort features.

Voltia’s mission is to make last-mile deliveries as sustainable as possible. It has helped companies switch to electric since 2011 and currently has products in 17 European countries with more in the pipeline.

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