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The EAE Flow family welcomes a new member: the IAS. With an impressive track record, the EAE Flow Controls system is a software platform that can control a large variety of intralogistics transport and sortation systems. Due to its modular design, it empowers systems ranging from tray sorters, shoe sorters and crossbelt sorters up to high-complexity pocket sorters and WCS systems. The EAE Flow Controls system enables an optimized workflow with increased throughput and high cost efficiency, resulting in a flawless operation.

The IAS (Item Analysis System) is a vision-based device designed to analyze high-speed intralogistics systems. A 3D camera with built-in microprocessors provides real-time data processing of item specifications. Because of its 3D functionality, the camera is capable of accurately identifying, positioning and measuring goods, categorizing, health checking and even singulating within a warehouse. Even customer-specific applications are possible for this modular vision platform. All functionalities are seamlessly integrated into the EAE Flow Controls system and visually presented at the HMI.

By embedding this vision solution into the controls system, users can see more. It allows EAE to optimize intralogistics processes and provide unsurpassed operational excellence.

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