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Parcel lockers

The growth of parcel networks is the main challenge facing the industry. Direct4me technology enables fast scaling and deployment of new parcel space locations. With an open platform, it can provide this infrastructure to anyone without any integration. These lockers need no electricity, have virtually zero operating costs and can be quickly deployed.

The Direct4me team recently developed a new product, Multispace, as a building block for parcel locker networks to maximize the number of parcel spaces on a limited surface. Multispace combines the advantages of traditional parcel locker stations and Direct4me technology. On a limited surface of one square meter, 13-27 parcel spaces are available (depending on configuration). With a combination of several Multispaces in one location, parcel space capacity can be quickly and easily scaled by adding/removing Multispaces. Furthermore, in the case of several Multispaces in one location, an IoT connection is established to act as one location and one parcel locker station.

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