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DAY 1: Gaius debuts its long-range electric delivery vehicle at Parcel+Post Expo 2021

Focusing on the increasing demand for agility and renewable energy in logistics vehicles, Gaius Automotive has brought its latest product, Rapide 3, a three-wheel BEV, to Parcel+Post Expo 2021.

Featuring a large cargo box with maximum load of 1,000 litres; a tilting system that enables a short turning radius while maintaining stability and balance even at high speeds; and a smart charging system backed up with fleet management solutions, Rapide 3 solves many of the problems associated with 21st century urban logistics.

Rapide 3 is designed to provide a functional and fun riding experience. With its 15kW peak power boosting maximum speed of 90km/h, Rapide 3 makes effective and fast deliveries possible. It is equipped with two battery sizes, providing a range from 105km to over 150km based on the rigorous delivery cycle test conducted with Taiwan’s post office.

To achieve a high level of safety, Rapide 3 is designed to tilt into turns for optimal traction, maneuverability and balance even with a full load, using a unique 35º tilting system that makes cornering effortless and stable, even at high speeds. The vehicle is only 1m wide and 2.5m long and with a turning radius at 2.5 meters, while the front 17in wheel and dual 13in rear wheels make Rapide 3 suitable for rough roads. Standard safety equipment includes anti-lock braking system (ABS), combined braking system (CBS), front and rear DVR, blind-spot warning system and reverse camera to help the rider stay safe in various situations.

Gaius’ patented smart charging system ensures that all vehicles in a large fleet are fully charged on time. The system monitors the parking site’s energy capacity and sends alerts to fleet managers when there is abnormality during charging. A comprehensive fleet management system is also available to provide information such as up-to-the-minute location, daily energy consumption, and maintenance and repair status of every Rapide 3 in the fleet. This system seamlessly integrates with existing management systems via an application programming interface (API).

Gaius is planning to bring Rapide 3 to the European market as early as Q1 2022. It has already been taking orders from e-commerce and logistics giants in Taiwan where it is based. In Europe, distributors and post offices also approached Gaius, looking for fast, long-range and heavy duty vehicles to be added to their fleets.

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